beginning to begin

Blogging with the masses for the masses. it is Sunday….which is Fun Day if you want it to be. and tomorrow Monday, which is also Fun Day, because there will be golfing.

I picked up golf again this year after a twenty year hiatus. i enjoy it very much. being outside and unplugged except for the occasional photo or video to check swings and ball placement. or the ball in the tree hit by my golf partner. life is good.

But today is walk a long ways with the Sunny, the almost six year old golden retriever, who we have raised since he was a pup. he is beautiful and awesome and a pain in the ass. he is consistent.

oatmeal and apples for breakfast, and Sal has a wicked cold, so there will be homemade chicken soup started on the stove soon.

i have no idea what this blog will morph into, but i will tell you this; i do not punctuate or capitalize when i should, so you self made and professional editors may want to just turn a blind eye to my freedom to ignore the rules on here and from English class, because i do not care about all of that.

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