The Thin, Thin Line

The thin, thin line that separates reality and Facebook. Yes, I am going there.

Please, don’t get me wrong; I enjoy Facebook very much. I’ve met some very interesting people on Facebook. I wished I had grown up with Facebook, because I probably would have had a very different up-til-now life adventure.

Life, the whole big hot-mess is on Facebook, including the dirty laundry, the hidden skeletons, the over-indulgences, the political bashing,  judgement on how someone looks, this disaster, that sports figure’s crime, that actor’s fifth marriage, the neighbor’s elicit affair. It is all right there for the world to see.

And what is on Facebook for me is positive people, like-minded people, art, music, food, entertainment,world travel, community and family. It has been so awesome to be able to see family and friends that live all over the country and world. I am grateful for these connections.

As I started out on FB, all I kept thinking was how much my mother would enjoy this activity. My mom is social. She lives in the town she grew up in, so she knows pretty much everyone in the area. I live 40 minutes or so out of the area, by choice. More than a decade ago, I  left a relationship and all the people attached to that relationship.

My mom eventually migrated towards the internet with encouragement from my sister and me. We were so pleased with how she took to it like a duck to water.If Mom knows you, she’ll friend you. This includes my ex, who was  (insert condensed version here) not very nice when I left. My sister asked Mom why she wanted to be FB friends with my ex, and Mom said that she knew my ex long before we were together. Wow. My mom does not get it! To me, it is bizarre.

I am unfriending my mom on FB, because I don’t get her either. We are very different.

When FB starts to become too real, I back away. I have my own reality. It does not include connections that do not serve me. I love my mom, but I feel we may have created a monster.

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